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Perfecting Casting

Perfecting Casting


We create new ground

Cromodora is committed to achieve economic success, whereby we commit ourselves to growing our business through continuous improvement of our processes and use of internal resources. The customer and all the Stakeholders are at the center of all such activity. Our competence, experience, quality, flexibility and cost competitiveness are all parameters against which we are judged. More all the stakeholders are satisfied, more successful we are. Cromodora encourages its employees by instilling a work culture based on mutual trust and respect. Innovation and quality are the two main drivers to our success and our efforts in both these fields have never been too much. By consciously using resources and processes efficiently, we testify our commitment to preserve and respect the environment quality of our territory. Safety in the working place is a priority and not an afterthought, all the production and maintenance phases of our products put the safety of our workers first.


Since 1962 leader in wheels production

Since 1962 Cromodora Wheels has been one of the first producers of high-pressure cast magnesium alloy wheels for standard production and competition use as well as being the technological innovator in the process of low-pressure casting heat treated aluminum alloy wheels. In the recent past Cromodora has successfully introduced the Flow Forming Technology which enables to obtain lighter wheels. The leadership in wheels production awarded Cromodora Wheels with the certification of Official Supplier to the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers such as: Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar-Land Rover, Daimler (Including AMG and Smart), Porsche, AUDI, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and FCA.


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